• Name
      Tirsana Budhathoki
    • Birth Place
      Dhading, Nepal
    • Father Name
      Narayan B Budhathoki
    • Height
      5 ft 3 In
    • Zodiac Sign
    • Debute
      Ago salkai Mutu Bhitra (Parshuram Rijal)
    • Profession
      Actress, Model
    • Hobbies
    • Likes


    Tirsana Budhathoki was born on 27th Ashad in Dhading. She has 3 siblings, one brother and two sisters. As for her education and schooling, she started her schooling at Shree Karki Gau Ma Vi, Dhading till 8th grade and then later joined in 9th grade at Shree Achene Higher Secondary School and completed her SLC there. After completing her SLC, she shifted to Manamaiju, Kathmandu with her family. She did her +2 at Man Mohan Memorial College located in Sorhakhutte, Kathmandu and later she pursued her Bachelor in Art. Trisana Budathoki did some dance trainings for 3 months from the famous Dipak KC and then took some advanced dance classes from Narayan Rijal. In addition she also took some acting classes to make sure those two skills would not be a weak point in her career. Firstly Trisana Budathoki started her own business by opening her own cold store in…