• Name
      Durgesh Thapa
    • Date of Birth
      May 22, 1990
    • Birth Place
      Sikkim, India
    • Father Name
      Hem Bahadur Thapa
    • Mother Name
      Pabitra Kumari Thapa
    • Height
      5 ft 6 In
    • Zodiac Sign
    • Debute
      Jun Le Matra Dekhchha
    • Profession
    • Hobbies


    Durgesh Thapa was born on 22 May 1990 in Sikkim, India to father, Hem Bahadur Thapa and mother, Pabitra Kumari Thapa. Durgesh was born in india because his father was working for the Indian Army and was crucial to be there. He has 3 siblings one brother, Raju Thapa, and two sisters, Saraswoti Thapa and Anu Thapa. Durgesh was only 5 years old before he shifted back to Nepal to begin his education. Furthermore he did his education and schooling at Shree Janahit Ma Vi in Malma, Baglung till 8th grade and then shifted to India and continued further education. In contrast for further education he did SLC in India, then moved back home in Baglung. After some time popular Nepali singer Basanta Thapa convinced him to follow him to go to Kathmandu to join for further education and make his career on musical fields. Durges came to Kathmandu and…