• Name
      Deepak Dhakal
    • Date of Birth
      September 10, 1993
    • Birth Place
      Chennai, India
    • Father Name
      Yubraj Dhakal
    • Mother Name
      Bishnu Dhakal
    • Height
      5 ft 11 In
    • Zodiac Sign
    • Debute
      Timrai Jhalko (Raju Dhakal)
    • Profession


    Deepak Dhakal was born on 9th October 1993 in Chennai, India to father, Yubaraj Dhakal and mother, Bishnu Dhakal. Deepak has one brother who is named Dinesh Dhakal. As for his education and schooling he basically started his education in India until UKG. He shifted to Guleriya, Bardia when he was only 6 years old. He joined Janajyoti Higher Secondary Boarding School at Bardia and did his SLC. After SLC he studied Medical Lab Technician in Nepalgung Health Campus which is located in Nepalgung. He was a brilliant student and scored 93.80% in his final year of study. After completion of his Lab Technician course Deepak Dhakal started his career working in Hira Pathology in front of Bheri Hospital. He worked there for 1 year. According to Deepak, he likes to give a monumental thanks to express his appreciation towards the Hira Pathology for the great support that they provided…